Great that you give Typemill a try!! Typemill is a simple Flat File Content Management System (CMS). We (the community) work hard to provide the best author experience with easy and intuitive authoring tools. But Typemill is still in early development and it is likely that not everything will work perfectly out of the box. If you miss something or if you have ideas for improvements, then post a new issue on GitHub.

  1. Setup Your Website

    Typemill provides detailed settings, and you have access to nearly all settings in the author panel. Learn the basics in this short video:

  2. Manage Access

    Typemill has a build-in system to restrict access to pages or to the whole websites. You can activate both features in the system settings under the section "access rights". If you activate one of the features, then Typemill will use session cookies on all frontend pages. Learn all the details in

  3. Write Content

    Typemill provides easy and intuitive authoring tools and we work hard to create a good author experience. With the interactive navigation you can create pages and structure your websites. The visual markdown editor will help you to create content in a wysiwyg mode. The publish bar gives you full

  4. Get Help

    If you need any help, then please read the documentation on first. You can also check these video-tutorials about the basics to create a typemill website.

  5. Markdown Reference and Test Page

    Markdown is a simple and universal syntax for text formatting. More and more writers switch to markdown, because they can format their text during the writing process without using any format-buttons. Once they are familiar with the markdown syntax, they can write formatted text much easier and