The Cyanine Theme

Cyanine is the modern, lightweight and flexible standard theme for Typemill. You can activate a landingpage, setup different content sections for the landingpage and order them like you want. You can also change the colors, fonts and other details. To configure the theme, login to the system (/tm/login), go to the theme settings (/tm/themes) and choose the theme "Cyanine".

If Cyanine does not fit to your needs, then you can also choose another theme in the theme store of Typemill.

  1. The Landingpage

    Cyanine provides an optional landingpage with six segments: Intro with the content of the home page and an additional link/button. Info with individual markdown content. Teaser with two elements. Each element has a headline, a text and a link/button. Contrast with a headline, text-input and a

  2. Colors and Fonts

    First of all cyanine supports individual logos. If you want to use our logo, then please upload it in the system settings. Cyanine will automatically replace the title text with your logo. You can also upload your own favicon in the system settings.

  3. 3-Column Footer

    Cyanine provides a three column footer at the bottom of each page. You can use markdown for each column. Make sure that you use the correct headline-level (we suggest a headline level 3 or level 4 to keep the logical headline hierarchy in the document). You can, of course, also add link-lists or

  4. Content Elements

    Cyanine provides a lot of other settings for your content area. For example: Add an edit-button for github, gitlab or other plattforms. Show the author. Show the publish date. Show the chapter numbers in the navigation.