Manage Access

Typemill has a build-in system to restrict access to pages or to the whole websites. You can activate both features in the system settings under the section "access rights". If you activate one of the features, then Typemill will use session cookies on all frontend pages. Learn all the details in the following video tutorial:


Restrict Access for the Website

This feature is perfect, if you want to lock down the whole website and only grant access for authenticated users. All non-authenticated users will be redirected to the login-page. There are two main use cases for this feature:

You can activate the feature with a simple checkbox under "Website Restrictions".

Restrict Access for Pages

If you need a more fine-tuned access and if you want to restrict access only for certain pages, then you can activate the feature "Page Restrictions". If you activate this checkbox, then you will find two new input fields in the meta-tab of each page:

If you don't choose anything of it, then the page has no restrictions and everybody can see the content.

You have some more features in the settings area:

You can also combine these features with the registration plugin and this way create a membership website with member-only content.